Spring 1993, Vol. XXII, No. 1

Bulletin of the


Department of Philosophy - Occidental College, Los Angeles, California 90041, USA

Message from the New Editor

With this issue I assume the editorship of the Bulletin. It will be a challenge to produce a Bulletin of the quality members came to expect under Dorothy Coleman. My strategy will be to emulate Professor Coleman's efforts, with the hope that a sufficiently high degree of resemblance between past and future Bulletins will allow for an easy transition in the minds of its readers.

A useful and informative Bulletin depends on contributions from Hume Society members. Please submit items of interest, including reports on work in progress, conference announcements, publication announcements - anything related to Hume scholarship.

Saul Traiger

Executive Secretary-Treasurer

Twentieth Hume Conference - July 6-10 1993

The University of Ottawa is the site of the Twentieth Hume Conference, July 6-10, 1993. The conference is being held jointly with the Eighteenth Century Scottish Studies Society. Roger L. Emerson (University of Western Ontario) and David Raynor (University of Ottawa) are conference co-directors. In addition to the regular sessions, there will be plenary sessions with papers by Janet Broughton, Alan Kors, David Spadafora, James Moore, and Knud Haakkonsen, as well as a book symposium on John B. Stewart's new book, Opinion and Reform in Hume's Political Philosophy. John Stewart is a senator in the Parliament of Canada. A mailing to Hume Society members with conference details has been sent from Canada.

New Dues Payment Options - including Visa and Mastercharge!

Until now, membership in the Hume Society had to be paid in U.S. funds. As a result it was inconvenient and often costly for non-U.S. members to renew and for prospective members to join. Two new payment options should eliminate such problems for most members. Membership dues may now be paid with Visa and Mastercard or by check in any currency. Charge card payments will be made in U.S. funds, with a 5% ($1) surcharge; the credit card company will handle the differences in currencies. For those paying by check, each renewal year the Treasurer will send a rate form to non-U.S. members with renewal rates in the most popular currencies. A 5% surcharge is calculated into non-U.S. currencies to offset costs and fluctuations in exchange rates. Renewal and membership forms will be revised to accommodate the new payment options.

Hume Studies

The November, 1992 issue of Hume Studies, Volume XVIII, Number 2, was mailed to members in the middle of April. The editors included a note of apology for the delay in getting out an issue over 500 pages in length. They also remind readers that the April, 1993 issue will be the last under the current editorship of Robert Muehlmann and Fred Wilson. The Executive Committee of the Hume Society has selected Don Garrett and William Morris as co-editors. Dorothy Coleman is the book review editor. The editorial and business offices of Hume Studies are located at the University of Utah. Please send manuscripts and other correspondence to the editors at this address:

Hume Studies

Department of Philosophy

338 Orson Spencer Hall

University of Utah

Salt Lake City, UT 84112

The Internet address for Hume Studies is hume@cc.utah.edu.

Call for Suggestions: Future Hume Conference Sites

The Hume Society holds annual conferences, appropriately called "Hume Conferences," alternating between North American and non-North American locations. The Society welcomes suggestions and invitations for North American conference sites for 1995, 1997, and 1999, and other sites for 1996, 1998, and 2000. Informal suggestions should be made to the President or the Executive Secretary. A formal invitation requires a letter from a dean or provost addressed to Wade Robison, President of the Hume Society. Such letters are usually solicited by the Executive Committee after discussion of informal suggestions. The Executive Committee is currently discussing suggestions for the 1995, 1996, 1997 and 1998 conferences. A final decision about the location for 1995 will be made this summer.

Other Conference News

"Providence & Probability, Chaos & Order: Eighteenth-Century Views" Conference of the Western Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, February 18-19-20, 1994. Our topic ranges across moral and natural philosophy, mathematics and the natural sciences, criticism, the arts, emerging themes in social as well as theological studies, dark corners as well as bright prospects of eighteenth-century cultures in North, Central & South America, Europe, the Levant, and Asia. We especially invite papers treating aspects of our theme among the peoples then living in what is now the southwestern United States. However, and as usual, the Program Committee will consider all papers submitted, on whatever topics are deemed of interest to those responding. Submit proposals, limited to one page, no later than September 15, 1993, to: James Malek, Program Committee Chair, College of Liberal Arts, P.O. Box 455001, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Las Vegas, NV 89154-5001; timothy@nevada.edu.,cwalton@nevada2.bitnet.

Nantes Conference T-Shirts

Wade Robison still has T-shirts from the Nantes Conference for sale -- $15, postage paid, blue and white, all sizes. He plans on taking some to Ottawa. Wade writes: "I sort of hate to be hawking these things, but I also can't use 30 or 40 of them." He's quick to add that the shirts are attractive, and a great momento of Nantes, even if you were not there. All proceeds go to the Hume Society Endowment Fund. Checks should be sent Wade Robison, made out to the Hume Society.

Forthcoming Book

Dr. Gerhard Streminger, Assistant Professor at the Institute of Philosophy, University of Graz, Austria, is completing a long work on Hume's Life and Work. The book, which is almost 1000 pages in length, is entitled David Hume. Sein Leben und sein Werk. It will be published by Sch÷ingh, in Paderborn, Germany in 1993.

Hume Society on the APA Bulletin Board

A special area of the Electronic Bulletin Board of the American Philosophical Association has been set aside for the Hume Society. Membership information, calls for papers, the contents of the current Bulletin of the Hume Society, as well as other information of interest to Hume scholars, is available electronically through the board.

To access the APA Bulletin Board, your site must support telnet. Telnet to eis.calstate.edu and log in as "apa". The Hume Society Area can be found under the menu "Philosophical Societies."

McGill Hume Studies still available for $7

The Business Office of the Hume Society has a box of McGill Hume Studies in paperback. The volume, which contains papers from the McGill Bicentennial Hume Conference in 1976, is edited by David Fate Norton, Nicholas Capaldi, and Wade L. Robison. For a copy, send a check for $7 U.S. (or its equivalent in your currency) to the Executive Secretary-Treasurer. The remaindered copies were donated to the Hume Society by David Fate Norton.

New Bulletin Feature - Paper Abstracts

The content of the Bulletin will undergo some transformation as book reviews, traditionally published here, will now appear in Hume Studies. In place of book reviews, we would like to request that members submit abstracts of work in progress. Our hope is that members will submit abstracts of papers which they are willing to distribute subsequently to interested readers in draft form. If you have a paper on which you would like comments from other Hume Society members, please submit an abstract of approximately 500 words to the editor of the Bulletin. Include your mailing address. Authors will be responsible for the distribution of full drafts.

Call for Papers




Rome, Italy

June 20-24, 1994

Conference Co-Directors:

Eugenio Lecaldano (UniversitÓ di Roma "La Sapienza")

David Fate Norton (McGill University)

The Hume Society is pleased to announce a call for papers for the Twenty-first Hume Society Conference to be held at the UniversitÓ degli Studi di Roma "La Sapienza" June 20-24, 1994. Papers may be on any aspect of Hume's writings, although the conference directors particularly encourage submissions on four themes:

Hume and the Ancient World

Hume and Common Sense Philosophy

Hume and the History and Anatomy of the Passions

The Reception and Study of Hume in Italy

Papers should be no more than thirty minutes reading length with self-references deleted for blind reviewing; the author's name should appear only on a front cover sheet. Papers may be in English or Italian, but an abstract in English is required for all papers. Submit papers and abstracts in triplicate.

Submissions must be postmarked by October 15, 1993.

Send English language papers to:

Professor Saul Traiger

Executive Secretary of the Hume Society

Department of Philosophy

Occidental College

Los Angeles, CA 90041


Send Italian language papers to:

Professor Eugenio Lecaldano

Dipartimento di Studi Filosofici ed Epistemologici

UniversitÓ degli Studi di Roma "La Sapienza"

Via Nomentana, 118

00161 Roma


New Members

The Hume Society is pleased to welcome the following new (and in some cases, returning) members. Fields of interest are noted when members have specified them.

Araujom, Cicero R. Montreal, Canada.

Broackes, Justin. Brown University.

Broadie, Alexander. University of Glasgow.

Cunningham, Aaron X. Santa Cruz, California.

Duncan, Elmer. Baylor University; Hume and common sense phililosophy.

Falkenstein, Lorne. Univ. of Western Ontario; Space and time, scepticism, belief.

Hustwit, Ron. College of Wooster.

Katsuragi, Takao. Seikei University, Tokyo.

Lemmens, Willem. Universiteit Antwerpen, Belgium; moral and political philosophy.

Madigan, Tim. Kenmore, N.Y.; Ethics of belief.

Martin, Marie A. Clemson University.

Morcavallo, Bruno. Rome, Italy.

Moural, Josef. Charles University, Czech Republic; metaphilosophy, philosophy of history, politics and humanities, epistemology and moral philosophy.

Mullen, Shirley. Westmont College; history and ethics.

Phemister, Pauline. University of Nebraska; Malebranche, Berkeley.

Russell, Paul. University ofr British Columbia. Free will, atheism.

Spector, Jessica. Chicago, Illinois; the passions.

Varco, Rick. Emory University; skepticism, political philosophy, aesthetics.

Williams, William. Virginia Polytechnic Institute; Moral and political philosophy.