The organizers would like to thank the following people for their assistance with the review of submissions for the 33rd Hume Society conference.

Kate Abramson
Donald Ainslie
Donald Baxter
Martin Bell
Mark Box
Nathan Brett
Justin Broackes
Charlotte Brown
Dorothy Coleman
Mark Collier
John Corvino
Stephen Darwall
Francis Dauer
Richard Dees
Georges Dicker
Karann Durland
Roger Emerson
Marina Frasca-Spada

Aaron Garrett
Don Garrett
Rolf George
Livia Guimaraes
James Harris
Thomas Holden
Dale Jacquette
Peter Kail
Catherine Kemp
James King
Heiner Klemme
Manfred Kuehn
Willem Lemmens
Thomas Lennon
Louis Loeb
Peter Loptson
Michel Malherbe
Peter Millican
James Moore

William Morris
David Owen
Terence Penelhum
Tony Pitson
Adam Potkay
David Raynor
Claudia Schmidt
Robert Shaver
Mark Spencer
Eric Steinberg
Hideo Tanaka
Jacqueline Taylor
Udo Thiel
Saul Traiger
Stanley Tweyman
Fred Whelan
Fred Wilson
Ken Winkler
John Wright

Special thanks to Charlotte Brown (Illinois Wesleyan)
and Ted Morris (Illinois Wesleyan)
for extraordinary and valuable assistance.

The Hume Society

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