32nd Annual International Hume Society Conference – Toronto, Canada


The conference theme is:

Hume and the French, including such sub-themes as:
Hume the Essayist
Hume in Paris
18th-century Philosophy and the “Auld Alliance”
Hume and Montaigne
Hume and Descartes
Hume and Malebranche
Hume and Montesquieu
Hume and Rousseau
Hume and the Philosophes
French Hume Scholarship

Papers bearing some relation to the theme will be especially welcome; however, papers on any aspect of Hume’s life and works will be considered.

Papers should be no more than thirty minutes reading length with self-references deleted for blind reviewing; the author’s name should appear only on a front cover sheet. Papers may be submitted in French, Spanish, German, or English, but must include an English-language or French-language abstract. We anticipate having one or more French-English bilingual sessions. Authors are requested to submit cover sheets, abstracts and papers in one file as an e-mail attachment in MS Word or rich text format, or by using the electronic submission feature of this website.

In addition, the Program Committee invites brief submissions (1000 words maximum) for a symposium on the argument found in the first paragraph of Treatise 1.4.1, "Of scepticism with regard to reason." Several such submissions will be selected for presentation at this symposium, which will include ample opportunity for discussion by the participants and the audience.

The Hume Society has set aside up to $2000 for the support of graduate students reading papers at the annual Hume Society meeting, to be given at the discretion of the conference co-directors to those whose papers have been accepted through the normal vetting process.

Submissions must be sent to secretary@humesociety.org or submitted using the electronic submission feature of this website by November 1, 2004.