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Volume 35, Number 1-2, April/November 2009

edited by Corliss Swain and Saul Traiger

ߋ Index
  • Alison Gopnik
     Could David Hume Have Known about Buddhism? Charles François Dolu, the Royal College of La Flèche, and the Global Jesuit Intellectual Network  (pp. 5-28)
  • Nancy Schauber
     Complexities of Character: Hume on Love and Responsibility  (pp. 29-56)
  • David Sherry
     Reason, Habit, and Applied Mathematics  (pp. 57-86)
  • John J. Tilley
     Physical Objects and Moral Wrongness: Hume on the "Fallacy" in Wollaston's Moral Theory  (pp. 87-102)
  • Stephen M. Campbell
     The Surprise Twist in Hume's Treatise  (pp. 103-134)
  • Henrik Bohlin
     Sympathy, Understanding, and Hermeneutics in Hume's Treatise  (pp. 135-170)
  • Åsa Carlson
     There is Just One Idea of Self in Hume's Treatise  (pp. 171-184)
  • Amyas Merivale
     Hume's Mature Account of the Indirect Passions  (pp. 185-210)
  • Rico Vitz
     Doxastic Virtues in Hume's Epistemology  (pp. 211-230)
  • Annette C. Baier
     Robert J. Fogelin. Hume's Skeptical Crisis: A Textual Study  (pp. 231-235)
  • Paul Guyer
     Henry E. Allison. Custom of Reason in Hume: A Kantian Reading of the First Book of the Treatise  (pp. 236-239)
  • Constantine Sandis
     Jani Hakkarainen. Hume's Scepticism and Realism: His Two Profound Arguments Against the Senses in An Enquiry concerning Human Understanding  (pp. 240-242)
  • Barry Stroud
     Elizabeth S. Radcliffe (ed.). A Companion to Hume  (pp. 243-245)
  • Martin Bell
     Jeffrey A. Bell. Deleuze's Hume: Philosophy, Culture and the Scottish Enlightenment  (pp. 246-250)
  • Neil McArthur
     Frederick G. Whelan. Enlightenment Political Thought and Non-Western Societies: Sultans and Savages  (pp. 251-254)