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Hume Studies
Volume XVI Number 1
April 1990


  • Hume, Strict Identity, and Time's Vacuum
    Michael J. Costa
    Searchable pdf

  • David Hume and the Probability of Miracles
    Barry Gower
    Searchable pdf

  • David Hume on Personal Identity and the Indirect Passions
    Robert S. Henderson
    Searchable pdf

  • The Eminently Practical Mr. Hume or Still Relevant After All these Years
    Nancy Davlantes
    Searchable pdf

  • Some Sources for Hume's Opening Remarks to Treatise I.IV.III
    Graham Solomon
    Searchable pdf

  • Hume, Probability, Lotteries and Miracles
    Bruce Langtry
    Searchable pdf

  • A Hobbist Tory: Johnson on Hume
    Paul Russell
    Searchable pdf

  • What Hume Actually Said About Miracles
    Robert J. Fogelin
    Searchable pdf

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