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Hume Studies
Volume XVI Number 2
November 1990


  • David Hume to Alexander Dick: A New Letter
    Heiner Klemme
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  • Hume Contra Spinoza?
    Wim Klever
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  • Utility and Morality: Adam Smith's Critique of Hume
    Maria M. Martin
    Searchable pdf

  • Epistemic Leaks and Epistemic Meltdowns: A Response to William Morris on Scepticism with Regard to Reason
    Mikael M. Karlsson
    Searchable pdf

  • On Franco-Ferraz, Theism and the Theatre of the Mind
    Miguel A. Badia-Cabrera
    Searchable pdf

  • Fogelin on Hume on Miracles
    Antony Flew
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