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Hume Studies
Volume XVIII Number 1
April 1992


  • Hume’s Classification of the Passions and Its Precursors
    James Fieser
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  • Hume’s Theory of Motivation-Part 2
    Daniel Shaw
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  • ‘Is’ and ‘Ought’ in Context: MacIntyre’s Mistake
    Murray MacBeth
    Searchable pdf

  • Hume’s Demarcation Project
    John Losee
    Searchable pdf

  • Hume’s Playful Metaphysics
    Greg Moses
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  • Justice, Language and Hume: A Reply to Matthew Kramer
    James Allan
    Searchable pdf

  • On the Authorship of the Abstract: A Reply to John 0. Nelson
    Jeff Broome
    Searchable pdf

  • An Intervention into the Flew/Fogelin Debate
    Kenneth G. Ferguson
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Book Reviews

  • Francis Snare, Morals, Motivation and Convention
    Beryl Logan
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