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Hume Studies
Volume XX Number 1
April 1994


  • Hume: Second Newton of the Moral Sciences
    Jane L. McIntyre
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  • From Spectator to Agent: Hume's Theory of Obligation
    Charlotte Brown
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  • Hume on Motivating Sentiments, the General Point of View, and the Inculcation of "Morality"
    Elizabeth S. Radcliffe
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  • Despair and Hope in Hume's Introduction to the Treatise of Hurnan Nature
    James T. King
    Searchable pdf

  • Beattie's Lost Letter to the London Review
    James Fieser
    Searchable pdf

  • Achievements and Fallacies in Hume's Account of Infinite Divisibility
    James Franklin
    Searchable pdf

  • Doubt and Divinity: Cicero's Influence on Hume's Religious Skepticism
    Peter S. Fosl
    Searchable pdf

  • Hume's Distinction between the Natural and Artificial Virtues
    Ken O'Day
    Searchable pdf

  • David Hume and Public Debt: Crying Wolf?
    John Christian Laursen and Greg Coolidge
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Book Reviews

  • Paul B. Wood. The Aberdeen Enlightment: The Arts Curriculum in the Eighteenth Century
    Adam Potkay
    Searchable pdf

  • Alexander Broadie, The Tradition of Scottish Philosophy: A New Perspective on the Enlightment
    Robert M. Burns
    Searchable pdf

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