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Hume Studies
Volume XX Number 2
November 1994

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  • The Objects of Hume’s Treatise
    Marjorie Grene
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  • On an Unorthodox Account of Hume’s Moral Psychology
    Rachel Cohon
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  • Reason, Reflections, and Reductios
    David Owen
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  • Response to My Critics
    Annette C. Baier
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  • Infinite Divisibility in Hume’s First Enquiry
    Dale Jacquette
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  • Beyond Our Senses: Recasting Book I, Part 3 of Hume’s Treatise
    Saul Traiger
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  • Collingwood’s Understanding of Hume
    S. K. Wertz
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  • A Note on Hume’s Letter to Gilbert Elliot
    Peter Dendle
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Book Reviews

  • Nicholas Phillipson and Quentin Skinner, eds. Political Discourse in Early Modern Britain, ‘Ideas in Context’
    Knud Haakonssen
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  • Thomas Mautner. Francis Hutcheson: Two Texts on Human Nature
    Mark H. Waymack
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