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Hume Studies
Volume IV Number 2
November 1978


  • Reid's Criticism of Hume's Theory of Personal Identity
    Harry Lesser
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  • On Hume's Is-Ought Thesis
    David C. Stove
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  • More Hume Autograph Marginalia in the First Edition of the Treatise
    David C. Yalden-Thomson
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  • The Hume Literature for 1977
    Roland Hall
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Book Reviews

  • Review of Barry Stroud, Hume
    R. F. Atkinson
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  • Review of David Fate Norton, ed., A Sketch of the Character of Mr. Hume and Diary of a Journey from Morpeth to Bath, 23 April - 1 May 1776, by John Hume
    M. A. Stewart
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