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Hume Studies
Volume VII Number 2
November 1981


  • Hume on Continued Existence and the Identity of Changing Things
    Eric Steinberg
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  • Hume's "Of Scepticism with Regard to Reason": A study in Contrasting Themes
    Robert A. Imlay
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  • Probability in Hume's Science of Man
    Patrick Maher
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  • Hume and the God - Hypothesis
    C. G. Prado
    Searchable pdf

  • Hume's Mistake - Another Guess
    David Raynor
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Book Reviews

  • Review of D. F. Norton, N. Capaldi and W. L. Robison, eds., McGill Hume Studies
    David C. Yalden-Thomas
    Searchable pdf

  • Review of Theopi Parisaki-Giannaraki, Aitiaki Exgisi kai Kninoniki Erminia ton Tchnon ston David Hume (Casual Explanation and Social Interpretation of the Arts in David Hume)
    G. P. Henderson
    Searchable pdf

  • Review of Ezra Talmor, Descartes and Hume
    Eric Matthews
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