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Hume Studies
Volume VIII Number 2
November 1982


  • It Ain't Necessarily, So...(with Apologies to George Gershwin)
    Alan Hausman
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  • One Consequence of Hume's Nominalism
    Wade L. Robison
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  • Hume's Conditions for Causation: Further to Gray and Imlay
    Thomas M. Lennon
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  • Hume on Primary and Secondary Qualities
    Anthony E. Pitson

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  • Could an Impression Be a Process?
    E. W. Van Steenburgh
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  • Relative Ideas Rejected
    Max M. Thomas
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  • Relative Ideas Revisited: A Reply to Thomas
    Daniel E. Flage
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  • The Hume Literature for 1981
    Roland Hall
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