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Portrait of David Hume (detail) by Allan Ramsey (1754)

Society Governance

The Executive Committee of the Hume Society, 2018

The Executive Committee consists of ten members. Nine are elected by the membership of the Society to staggered three-year terms, so that in principle three are elected each year. The Executive Vice President-Treasurer is appointed by the Executive Committee to a five-year term and serves on the Committee ex officio.


Current Term of Office 2019-2021
Alison McIntyre Wellesley College
Katharina Paxman Brigham Young University
Lewis Powell University of Buffalo (SUNY)
Current Term of Office 2018-2020
Margaret Watkins* Saint Vincent College
Jennifer Smalligan Marušić Brandeis University
Andre Willis Brown University
Current Term of Office 2017-2019
Corliss Swain, President St. Olaf College
Ángela Calvo de Saavedra* Pontificia Universidad Javeriana
Aaron Garrett* Boston University
Emily Kelahan Illinois Wesleyan University
Current Term of Office 2016-2018
Karánn Durland* Austin College
Lorenzo Greco* Oxford University

*Not eligible for re-election at end of current term.

Rico Vitz (Azusa Pacific University) is
Executive Vice President-Treasurer for 2014-2018.


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  • The Hume Society receives institutional support from Azusa Pacific University and from St. Olaf College.
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