The Hume Society
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Portrait of David Hume (detail) by Allan Ramsey (1754)

New Members in 2017
1. David GilstrapSacramento, United States
2. George NathanThorold, Canada
3. Kirke BentChatham, United States
4. Oliver CooperCrawley, United Kingdom
5. Scott ScheallPhoenix, United States
6. Stein SmaalandUniversity of Oslo/SYS group
7. Tarik D. LaCourProvo, United States
8. Meng ZhangBloomington, United States
9. John GibbonsClive, United States
10. Matko GlobacnikUniversity of Zagreb
11. Sarah PaquettePortland, United States
12. Pedro Bravo de SouzaUNESP
13. Kelly MartinTulane University
14. Rebecca CopenhaverPortland, United States
15. Michael Della RoccaHamden, United States
16. Egbert RadzuweitDuisburg, Germany
17. Thomas McDonaldGrand Canyon University
18. David MolyneuxSkipton, United Kingdom
19. Vinícius Amaral de SousaBelo Horizonte, Brazil
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