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2021 Conference Update

The 47th Annual Hume Society Conference scheduled for Bogotá in the summer of 2021 will be completely virtual. Our hosts would love to welcome us in their wonderful home city but it’s simply not safe to do so given the information we have at the moment.

The organizing committee is currently seeking chairs. If you're interested in serving, please email by March 1, 2021. Write "Chair Hume Conference" in the email subject heading and include in your message the time zone you are planning to be in during the first week of July.

2022 Conference Announcement

The Executive Committee has accepted an exciting proposal for the 48th Annual Hume Society Conference. It will be held in beautiful Prague in the summer of 2022! Many thanks go to our lead organizers, Hynek Janoušek and Lorenzo Greco, for their work so far and for giving us something to look forward to! More details are forthcoming.

47th International Hume Society Conference

Bogotá, Colombia