HUME STUDIES is an interdisciplinary scholarly journal dedicated to publishing important work bearing on the thought of David Hume. The journal is receptive to a wide variety of topics, methods, and approaches, so long as the work contributes  to the understanding of Hume’s thought, meets the highest standards of scholarship, and demonstrates mastery of the relevant scholarly literature. Hume Studies is published by the Hume Society in April and November.  

Issues are published on-line in the proper month and paper issues are delivered to readers within the next month. See "For Authors" to submit a paper.  Find issues from 1975 to present.

Call for Entries
50th Anniversary Issue of Hume Studies

The editors of Hume Studies are planning a special 50th Anniversary Issue to be published as Hume Studies 50:1 (April 2025). For one of the issue’s features, we ask readers to submit a paragraph or two of no more than 250 words, answering the following:

"Of all of the articles that have been published in Hume Studies over the past 50 years, which one is most noteworthy to you?  Why so?"

We plan to publish selected responses.  Please state whether you would like your response published anonymously. Please submit responses to: Deadline: October 15, 2024.

Fourth Hume Studies Essay Prize

The Hume Society invites submissions for the Hume Studies Essay Prize, to be awarded in 2025. The annual competition is open to those ten or fewer years from the Ph.D., including those currently enrolled in a Ph.D. program. The winning paper will be published with acknowledgment in Hume Studies, and the author will receive $1,000.* Hume Studies, the interdisciplinary journal of the Hume Society, publishes work on all aspects of Hume and his world. To be eligible for the prize, papers must be submitted any time before and including August 1, 2024 (11:59 Eastern Daylight Savings time). To enter the competition, authors should submit their papers to the journal for publication at They will be asked as a step in the submission process whether they qualify; please indicate if you do. Papers will undergo the regular anonymized referee review process and a separate review by a subset of members of the Editorial Board, who will decide the competition winner. Papers not selected for the award may still be accepted for publication. The editors can decide not to move submissions on to the Board review if referee reports indicate they would not be competitive. The Editorial Board reserves the right not to award a prize in any given competition. Since this is an annual competition, any papers submitted by eligible authors after August 1, 2024, will be in the next year's competition.

*In order to comply with IRS reporting guidelines, disbursal of the full prize value will require the winner to provide a U.S. taxpayer identification number. Please direct questions to editors, Elizabeth Radcliffe ( or Mark Spencer (